Maximus turns 2!

2 years… Its still so hard for me to wrap my head around.  We have had this tornado of fun in our lives for 2 years.


2 years has brought LOTS of transition into our lives.  With the impending arrival of a baby brother in the fall and LOTS of new words and actions… Its like a whole new ball game.

Max is talking… a lot.  He will repeat most words and has a pretty impressive vocabulary (says his uber biased mom).  He can identify most animals, knows what noise they make etc.  He still gets confused on some of them though.  For example, he calls dinosaurs a horse.  Personally I think its adorable and pray he never knows the real word lol.  Also, EVERY animal at the zoo, other than the lions, birds and alligators, are monkeys.  He can count to 3 with some coaching.  He is working on his colors, but depending on the day, everything is either blue, green or red.  He notices EVERYTHING and is super observant.  He is by far the most friendly child I’ve ever met.  He waives and says Hi to everyone he passes.  He’s quite the charmer and loves to flirt with little old ladies.

Physically he is light years ahead of his age.  He has free reign on the playground and is learning to master even the larger play equipment.  He runs, jumps, runs backwards, balances, climbs… you name it.  He is super agile and very in control of his body.  Im sure he will be a star athlete one day.

He likes to play with cars and trucks… especially if they make noise or go on their own.  He also likes to play with his dinosaurs and read books.  His favorite thing is to play outside, most particularly with a friend he can chase or with his daddy.

He adores his dogs Chewy and Bruce. He always prays for them first EVERY single night. He also adores His Boo Boo (Roxanne) and his grandparents.  His best friends are Graeson and Ethan right now and of course his daddy.

He is a pretty decent eater.  His favorite food is whatever YOU are eating. He loves to beg strangers for their food…which is both adorable and extremely embarrassing as his mother.  I DO feed this child… I promise.

He has turned all of us into a jungle gym lol, which isnt the easiest thing when you’re almost 8 months pregnant.  He is very excited about being a big brother and is starting to figure out what is going on. He points to the crib, bouncy seat and my belly and says either “baby” or “brother”.  He kisses and hugs my belly and will sometimes come up and just put his hands on my belly and try to feel the baby kick.

Of course with all these amazing developments comes an increased strong will, unsurmounted curiosity, and an independent streak that may even rival my own.  Im sure this is much more difficult for mommy and daddy than it is for Max lol.  We are adjusting and learning how to discipline.  Man, 2 is hard… its super exciting… but super hard.

I still watch him sleep on occasion, I still beg for him to let me hold him and rock him, I still rub his hair and rub his back when he lets me.  He is of course still my baby, but I grow increasingly aware of how quickly time slips from our hands as I watch him grow and change.

Most days I am overwhelmed… Overwhelmed with dishes and a house to clean. Overwhelmed with the terrible twos and pregnancy.  Overwhelmed with exhaustion and a to do list that seems to grow faster than I can mark things off… But always overwhelmed with love and gratitude, that the Lord would entrust not just this one special soul, but another one coming in November, into my hands to shape and mold and send out into the world one day.

As hard as parenting can be… as hard as being a stay at home mommy can be… as hard as being pregnant and dealing with the attitudes of the terrible twos is… I wouldnt trade this life for anything.

Thank you Maximus Alexander!  Thank you for teaching me so much.  I never knew love like this existed.  You are my world!  Happy Birthday little tornado!

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1 Response to Maximus turns 2!

  1. Nonna says:

    Thank you Max for teaching your mommy and daddy how to be the wonderful parents they are, I know Leo will only add to their education as you all learn to make a happy home together. Love you and Happy Birthday Max! Nonna

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