Just an Update

Ive been meaning to write lately… but sitting down in front of a computer and typing out words and thoughts is quite the luxury these days.  So I have lots to update you on… Me, the pregnancy, the baby, Max…our little family. So where do I start.

I’ll start with the pregnancy… So far so good. This pregnancy has been a bit different than the last.  With Max, I was never sick, no where near as tired and focused every ounce of energy on my baby boy.  This one… not so much.  I was sick in the first trimester… still get sick every once in a while.  Im beyond exhausted, especially after chasing a toddler around, and most days completely forget that I am carrying a most precious baby just inches below my heart.  But other than that, mom and baby are completely healthy.

We are planning a home birth. Which was something I had originally planned to keep to myself.  I know I have some friends and family members that may not approve and honestly did not want to get into it with anyone. That still hasn’t changed, but I do hope that those who do not agree with me will still respect my decision. We are very excited for a more intimate experience as we bring this baby into the world.

And this baby… if you haven’t already heard… is a boy!  Yep, another boy.  We had our ultrasound earlier this week.  The natural reaction of my heart makes me believe that deep down I had hoped that it was a boy.  My hearts desire is to raise a house full of Godly boys that will grow up to be strong honorable men, husbands and fathers.

We chose the name Leonidas William for this boy.  Which is crazy, because neither of those names were talked about through this whole pregnancy until the day before we found out the gender.  We had some family names picked out, but none of them seemed right.  Jimmy and I went back and forth and back and forth.  We loved the names we had narrowed down… all of them… but could not land on a name.  They just didnt feel right.  We have always been very mindful of name meanings and none of the names we had picked out had a strong or worthy meaning.  So the night before the ultrasound I decided to revisit some names we had on the table when naming Max.  Leo stood out to me.  We still wanted family to be reflected in our childs name so we chose William for the middle name, after Jimmy’s grandfather Billy Jack.  Leonidas William means Lion of Protection. We finally had a name that felt right.  We are very aware that the names we have chosen for our boys are very heavy names.  I know we probably look like lunatics building a greco roman army out of our offspring.  Maybe we are crazy.  But we love the names.  They both reflect my Italian/Latin heritage which has always meant a lot to me, and both names are strong and will be an achievement for them to live up to.

On to our other Latin warrior… Max is almost 2…can you believe it?  Every day Im amazed at how much he has grown and learned and developed.  He is full of energy, which is incredibly exhausting lol.  He is physically meeting milestones 12-18 months ahead of where his age puts him. He is talking A LOT.  He LOVES the water.  We go to the lake or the pool quite often.  He has absolutely no fear of the water which makes me so proud.  He loves to play with his dinosaurs.  He makes them stomp on the ground and growl at each other.  He also loves to push his cars and play with his dump trucks.  He prefers to be outside.  He enjoys the big boy playground and blowing bubbles as well as pestering the neighbors dog.  He LOVES his puppies too.  He often asks for Chewy before he is even out of bed and often you can find him chasing him around saying “hug”. Bruce is slowly but surely warming up to him.  He will now let Max touch him, but only if I am close by.  He does enjoy letting Max chase him around the coffee table on occasion.  Max’s favorite person on the planet is his daddy.  Just this week Max has graduated from his crib and is now sleeping in his big boy toddler bed.  He is growing way too fast.

We, or I, am making preparations for Leo’s arrival.  I know we still have a little ways to go, but with as little energy as I have these days, doing  a little here and there seems to be the best plan.  Since we are having another boy, we really do not need anything.  I have gone through and organized all of our baby clothes and I am in awe of how much God and our friends have provided for us.  I have MAYBE spent $50 on clothes for Max but have boxes and boxes of clothes ranging from newborn all the way to 5T.  All were gifted to us or handed down to us from friends.  I have set up the co-sleeper and unpacked all the bottles, burp cloths, receiving blankets and other baby accessories.  It all makes me very excited and everything all more real.

I haven’t felt much baby movement.  My placenta is anterior so it buffers most of the baby’s movement.  I can feel him if I am super still and concentrate… or if both he and I are in just the right position.  This alarmed me at first.  I felt movement with Max at 11 weeks.  Here I am at 20 weeks and barely feeling anything.  But I was thankful for the confirmation of the anterior placenta so now I know why and know that I have nothing to worry about.  As he grows stronger, he will be able to kick through that buffer and I will feel him nice and strong soon enough.  But it does make me treasure those kicks that I do feel even more so.

I am still working on my Lactation Educator Certification.  I have been uber slack since finding out I am pregnant.  I have only taken a very few clients in the past few months as I just haven’t had the time or energy.  But I do plan to kick it back in high gear soon… as soon as I can get a game plan lol.

Jimmy is doing well.  He will be 35 at the end of this month… which feels crazy to me. When did we become real adults? lol  He is beside himself excited to have another little man in the house to build legos with and play dinosaurs with. I am incredibly outnumbered at this point lol.

We have no real vacations planned for this year.  We do hope to visit our family in Florida and Georgia if time and money allow.  We did camp for a weekend earlier this month and had an absolute blast.  We hope to camp again in the fall before Leo comes. But I am determined to put my feet in the ocean one way or another this summer lol.

Well, I think that brings you pretty current with the Sorrells Family.  We hope to get a chance to hug on all of you at some point!

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