Oat-Nut Bars

Oat nut bars


So many people have asked me for this recipe.


Im ALWAYS looking for healthy easy toddler food.  Because ya know… toddlers dont let you know, “hey… I might be hungry in 20 minutes so you may want to start cooking something”.  When they are hungry… They are hungry NOW.  I stumbled across this recipe on pinterest.  I made a few changes and have made this recipe with a few variations.  Each time it came out wonderfully.

I love these bars.  You can make so many variations of this recipe to make it suit your taste and dietary needs.  This is a staple in my home.  My 18 month old eats these for breakfast and often for a snack.  They are easy to pack and take with you and are super filling.

Some good variates or things you can add:

– trail mix

– any kind of nuts

– raisins, or any dried fruit

-!!For breastfeeding moms- add 3 tbs of brewers yeast and 1 tbs of flax meal.  Oats, Flax and brewers yeast are all Lactogenic.

Oat nut bars (1)

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