2014 + 1= 2015

I’ve said in the past that I hate resolutions… and I don’t know if I’ve changed, or if I’ve always been lying to myself but… I LOVE resolutions.  I love New Years, I love Mondays and I love the first of the month.  I love new beginnings… a chance to start over a chance to make a change… I love resolutions.

With that said.  I usually try to be a bit specific and creative when I set my goals, whether they be monthly, daily or yearly.

This year I hope to:


Get pregnant… yep that’s right.  We are planning baby #2 this year.  Our last baby took a while to conceive due to some fertility issues but I feel like we are going into this one with more knowledge and confidence so hopefully we will not take as long this time.

Continue on my journey of getting back into a more natural lifestyle.  Last year I focused a lot on my eating, cleaning products and wellness.  This year Id like to make some changes in hygiene.  I would love to make my own facial cleansers and moisturizers, bath products and switch my makeup over to organic makeup.  We swapped our deodorant and toothpaste last year and MOST of my hair products.

Take better care of myself.  This one is always hard… especially as a first time mom… But its just the little stuff ya know… Id like to shower more often lol… actually brush my teeth every day… get up early enough to enjoy my cup of tea in peace before the hurricane we call Max begins.  Spend a portion of Max’s nap doing something for myself… like, oh maybe napping myself rather than cleaning.  I would like to take more “time outs” than I have allowed myself this past year. I think its important for both my health and my sanity.

Drink more water… I’m SOOO horrible at this.  It seems so simple.  But I AM HORRIBLE.  There have been entire days that have passed me by and I have only drank my morning cup of tea or coffee… ENTIRE DAYS.  No good!!!!  I live my life in a state of dehydration which is not only miserable… its also dangerous.  I’m sure Id be much less irritable and WAY less tired if I would just drink a dag gum glass of water.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… I feel like we do pretty good at this.  We generally buy used for most everything, and what we buy new we make sure ends up in someone else hands when we are finished rather than heading to the dump.  We do reusable just about everything.  I upcycle even the most odd things you could think of.  But there is again, always room for improvement.  Id like to try cloth napkins and paper towels this year.  I keep saying we are going to do it, but I just need to buy them and bite the bullet.  I also would like to actually recycle. We do so well with this category except the actual recycling part.  Ya know, like what you put in the little green bin. We live outside the city limits so recycling has to be taken somewhere… and it doesn’t help that my husband is convinced that recycling is a conspiracy or something.  But I’m determined to convince him this year.  I will buy my own little green bin lol.

Of course, get fit… no elaboration, that’s all you get.

Find a church home.

Spend more time in the word.  I’m also horrible at this one.  I feel like me and Jesus… we’re tight.  And this year we did a lot of hanging out in the trenches… but I didn’t spend much time in the word.  I feel like there is a lack of maturity where there is a lack of wisdom.  I know how to remedy this… I just need the discipline to do it.

Spend more time with family.  This one is hard since we are scattered all over the east coast.  But I can do better with phone calls, emails, facebook messages etc.  I really miss us all being in the same state. Now all my cousins have babies and we all have these real grown up lives… Its so weird.

Finish my CLE certification.  If I keep on like I have been I should finish up in the fall… which puts me about 6 months ahead of schedule.

And I have a few small home projects that Id like to get accomplished but nothing major.

So I’m pretty sure that’s it.  Maybe.

About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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