In a past life…

I used to have a blog before Jelly Bean Sundae… It wasn’t anything like Jelly Bean Sundae… 

I used to have a beauty blog.  It was rather fun. I would regularly post my “ootd” or “outfit of the day”.  I would review hair products and makeup… post tips and tricks… comment on new fashion trends… yeah it was fun.

But then for whatever reason I became embarrassed by it.  Guess I got a little too sophisticated for my own good lol!  So I went and deleted the blog…

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done… because that blog saw alot of traffic… seems like there were actually a few thousand people interested in what I was wearing and how I organized my closet.  Go figure.  Im not even interested in that these days.  I was lucky enough to even have some companies send me products to use, keep and review on my blog.  So that was pretty awesome.

Why am I telling you this?  I dunno.  Maybe because being a new mom I feel accomplished if I just make it out of my pajamas a few days a week.  Maybe because I kinda miss the days when what I was going to wear was uber important… because people cared.  I miss spending a whole evening trying new makeup products.  I do kinda miss that part of my life.  

Now, the joys of mommyhood far outweigh the joys of being a self proclaimed fashionista and makeup guru… but still… I miss getting all dolled up just to take a selfie and post it on my blog for everyone to look at.

So who knows… maybe if I can get my junk together a makeup review or “ootd” post may pop up here on Jelly Bean Sundae. lol!

About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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