2014… The year of the projects


I decided not to make new years resolutions this year.  I usually do, and rarely ever have kept to them come the first of February.  So instead I deemed 2014 the “Year of the Projects”.  I figured I could more easily tackle small projects throughout the year.  (at the time I had no clue that remodeling my home would be one of them).  So far I have done well this year.  I managed to get my home in order and get on top of my cleaning (though now I’m about back at square one).  I organized my laundry room.  I painted,organized, and “created” the mudroom/mudcloset in the house.  I got the furniture in the master repainted and finished the mural on the master bedroom wall… Thats pretty good for the first month of the year… and the month isn’t over yet. I don’t plan on taking on any more projects this month as I’m sure the restoration of my floors, kitchen and ceiling are likely going to take me well into February. But one thing I did want to do this year is take on 3 new healthy habits per month.  They can be small things… like eliminating sugar in my coffee in the mornings… or big things like exercising 3 times a week. So far this month I’ve only taken on one healthy habit… oil pulling.  (I’ll blog more about oil pulling later). And if that’s the only healthy habit I take on this month… that’s ok.  I refuse to spend another year beating myself up because I didn’t stick to a “resolution”.  But next on the list is eliminating gluten.  I don’t have a gluten sensitivity, but from what I’ve read it can have a negative effect on my joints… and with my RA- whatever I can do to help eliminate any further joint issues would be great.  I’m very nervous about eliminating gluten because… well I LOVE gluten.  My husband works for Kellogg so I’m kinda married to gluten lol.  But I’ve taken on more extreme diets before so I know I can do it.  I do plan to wait until we get back in the house because its a little more difficult to manage any kind of elimination in diet when eating pretty much whatever you can throw together in a dorm style kitchen.  (I’m such a spoiled brat- this kitchen is more than alot of people have in their home…)  I digress… 

Heres a short list of some of the projects I plan to take on this year.

– Re organize the Garage

– Actually decorate the back porch

– Clean out and reorganize all the closets in the house

– Clean out and KEEP the pantry organized

– Reorganize all the kitchen cabinets

– Find a good daytime schedule for Me and Max and stick to it.

– Plan at least 2 Art shows this year

– Become certified as a Placenta Encapsulationist (more on a separate blog post)

– Start certification to be a Postpartum Doula (Still thinking about it, have not made up my mind yet- I only want to do postpartum stuff…not birth stuff)

– Get BACK into my natural lifestyle… the little debbies and processed refined foods are starting to take over my life again.

– Take better care of myself in general.  No weightloss goals, no fitness goals, just feel good about myself again and be a good example to my son.

– Get my yard looking good.  I have no excuse this year.  I’m home and can put in the work.  

– Read 4 parenting books, 2 marriage books, and 2 faith based books.

– Deepen my daily scripture study.

Those are a few of the projects I’d like to take on.  If they don’t get done this year, that’s Ok.  Because my biggest project is to learn self forgiveness…:-)


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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