Home is where… I am not.

So… It has been an interesting past few days.  South Carolina has been experiencing some record breaking low temperatures the past few nights.  Thank goodness we are on the up swing.  Im not one to usually complain too much about cold weather.  Winter is used to be my favorite season. Monday night we had lows in the single digits.  I cant remember when we had a winter that cold.  Usually if it gets down in the teens we are shocked.  Jimmy and I took all precautions… we wrapped the outside spickets with towels, left water dripping in all the faucets… And we woke up Tuesday morning with no problems… WOO HOO!

Until about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.  As I was sitting on the couch- feeling sorry for everyone I was reading about whose pipes busted due to the cold (and honestly thinking “you should have left your faucets dripping) I hear what I can only describe as a waterfall… in my kitchen.  I ran into the kitchen to see what was going on.  After I picked myself up from a pretty nasty fall I realize there is water gushing out of my can lights in the ceiling.  When I say gushing… Im not exaggerating.  Thank God I am a quick thinker… I pulled the trash bag out of the trash can and stuck the trash can under the heaviest gushing can light.  Ran to the garage, dumped out a Rubbermaid container and grabbed a 5 gallon bucket and put those under 2 other can lights… then the ceiling started leaking in other spots… I finally found enough buckets to contain most of the heavy flow, grabbed EVERYTHING in the house that was absorbent (blankets, towels, my comforter etc) and tried to keep the water in the kitchen as best as I could.  I called Jimmy, then called my dad.  Jimmy said he was going to head home right away.  Dad tried to get me to calm down and had me cut the electric breakers (the walls started to spark) and turn the water off.  I had NO clue how to turn the water off… but an angel, in the form of my neighbor was driving by just as I was running around in the yard like a crazy person and helped me turn the water off.  He told me that numerous people including himself had the same issue.

So… now what.  I was standing in water up to my ankles, with a screaming baby and two shaking and confused dogs.  What do I do now.  I had enough sense to go ahead and call the insurance and try to get a clean up crew out asap.  Learned that my deductible was WAY more money than we have- But… at least we have Homeowner’s Insurance. Shortly after a good friend of ours came to the house and replaced the pipe that had busted.  This pipe didn’t just bust… It shattered- in about a 10 ft long section.  Upon further inspection we found that there were actually 4 pipes that had busted.  But our friend had them fixed before the clean up crew even arrived the next day.  The weight from the water eventually collapsed the ceiling in the kitchen leaving my kitchen covered in insulation.


I’m not gonna lie… I kinda lost it there for a while, and yeah, I’m a bit depressed about it.  The mitigation crew that came out last night told Jimmy it could be a month before the house is livable again… Which means we are living couch to couch until then.  Which is hard with 2 dogs and a 4 month old baby… regardless of how hospitable people are.  We are very blessed to have had LOTS AND LOTS of offers of places to stay. I’m incredibly grateful.  But none of it is home.  And one day into this… I already miss home.  Just because its HOME… my HOME.  We have been put up in a very nice apartment with our own private space and a mini kitchen.  They have welcomed our dogs and are taking very good care of us… but its not home.

Give me a few days, and I will be able to be more positive about this- but right now I am mopey… We love our home.  And I hate to see it in the state it is in.

It could be worse… I do know that.  Max and the dogs are safe.  We are fine, and we have a roof over our head.  I keep thinking about how much worse it would have been if we weren’t home.  My dogs… My poor dogs would have freaked out.  We keep Chewy in a kennel… what would have happened to him.  What if the water got high… what if the water caused an electrical fire… My poor dogs.  Thank GOD I was home.

I know this post makes me sound like a Debby Downer… But I do want to say thank you.  We had meals brought to us, friends help repair things, neighbors bring us water so our poor dogs could have a drink… TONS of people offer us a place to stay… and still more offers to help pouring in.  Your kindness DOES overwhelm me.  And I am forever grateful to you all.

I know the Lord is trying to teach me something through all of this… I just hope that I’m able to keep an open heart enough to receive it.

Thank you Lord for keeping me and my babies safe and providing for us throughout EVERY need.  Even the ones we don’t like.


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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