My Birth Story

My husband and I found out we were expecting in December of 2012, right around Christmas time and my 30th Birthday. We had been married 10 years and had been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years. We were elated! I had a fairly easy pregnancy with no complications or difficulties. We knew we wanted a natural birth so we got a Doula and decided to use GHS Midwifery Care for our birth. Prior to Max’s birth there were 3 things I knew I did not want in my birth story… Pitocin, an Epidural and C-Section. But God has a way of humbling me… My due date was August 27th. On Monday night, the 26th at about 11pm my water broke. Contractions began immediately. Before long they were less than 5 mintes apart. I called my midwife and Roxanne, our Doula, and both told me to go back to bed and that my contractions wernt strong enough. I thought they were crazy but they were right. By the next morning the contractions had slowed significantly. Around lunch time on Tuesday the 27th they picked back up and were pretty strong by that afternoon. I called Jimmy to come home from work and told Roxanne to come to the house at about 3pm. Roxanne was still concerned that I may not be far enough progressed so we went to the mall to “walk the baby out”.



3 hours later we went on to the hospital. When they checked me I had only dilated 2 cm. So the dirty word “pitocin” was mentioned. Very disappointed I conceeded since at this point my water had be broken for 24 hours and I had been having contractions for most of that 24 hours. Roxanne agreed that at this point it was the best decision and I fully trusted Barb, my midwife, to help me make the best decision.



A few hours later I was progressing very well and by early that morning I was ready to push. During that time frame Roxanne and my husband were amazing- rubbing my back through contractions, repositioning me, using water therapy and aromatherapy. I wouldnt have made it without them. I was also impressed that Barb stayed with me the entire time, also helping me to remain comfortable through out that time. I started pushing between 7 and 8 am. I pushed for 2 hours. During that time Barb found that a part of my cervix would not move and Max’s head kept getting hung up on it. Barb tried pushing the cervix back with her hand whie I pushed, we tried belly sifting, repositioning, but nothing was working. Barb said my body needed more time. If I were to continue to push I would run the risk of hurting myself and possibly resulting in a C-section. She suggested an epidural just to give my body more time. Reluctantly (though somewhat relieved for the chance to sleep) I agreed to the epidural. By the time the anestesiologist arrived I wanted to kiss him. I had the epidural for 2 hours which allowed all of us to get a little bit of sleep, regain some strength, and allowed for my cervix to finally move out of the way. Barb stayed over her shift to make sure I was doing ok then handed me off to Bethany. Bethany checked me after the 2 hours and said I was ready. They removed the epidural and allowed me time so I could start to feel the contractions since I really wanted to have my baby without drugs. At 12:10, after only about 15 minutes of pushing, Max had arrived.



Bethany placed my perfect 6lb 9oz baby boy on my chest and Daddy cut the umbilical chord. Within 15 minutes he had begun to breastfeed. He was perfect and healthy, everything I prayed for. Though my birth included interventions that I intially did not want, I believe my birth is an example of when interventions are used as tools to assist in giving me the closest experience to the birth I wanted that my body would allow. If it wernt for the interventions and the good decision making by my midwife and doula I surely would have ended up with a C-section. My labor lasted a total of 37 hours. And to be completely honest, witht the comfort measures used and taught to me by Roxanne, it was completely managable. I would do it again in a heartbeat… but not without my doula.



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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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One Response to My Birth Story

  1. Deb says:

    I love your story and the pictures. You balanced your determination with wisdom. I am very proud of you and Jimmy. Writing down your experience will help you remember all the details when you get old like me and get to be a Nonna.

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