I can not believe that I have not blogged in over 3 months.  I still have to post my birth story and my son is now 3 months.  Geesh!  But that is just what mommyhood has been for me.  A fast paced whirl wind.  Right when I think I have found my stride the game changes.  It has been an adventure… but an awesome adventure.  

I LOVE being a mommy.  By far my favorite thing EVER!  It feels so good to have a little life that is part me and part Jimmy but wholly his own.  Watching him grow and develop is truly amazing.  All the little milestones may sound small when you say them out loud, but when they happen, its like the world stands still and the most amazing thing just happened.  

Max is a miniature Jimmy.  They look so much alike that it is scary. He is a very happy content baby.  He sleeps well, naps well, eats well… He is a blessing!

I really don’t even know where to start.  So much has happened in 3 months.  I feel like I have a hundred things to post about.  I have alot of catching up to do.

Mommyhood has been a learning experience.  I went into this thing with alot of ideas about what I wanted to do and be as a mother.  I’ve had alot of success with some of those ideas, but some I have had to change or tweak. But all in all, I do feel as though I was prepared for the most part.  

Of course there have been many learning experiences, the biggest of which being that EVERYONE has an opinion.  That has been something that has been driving me nuts.  I don’t know if people think I’m stupid, or if they think that Jimmy just come up with stuff off the top of our heads… Every parenting decision we have made we have researched, asked people whose opinions we WANT to hear, and prayed about it.  Some of our decisions we may change if they don’t work, but others are non negotiable.  People have a hard time understanding that.  Oh well!

All in all mommyhood has been a huge blessing.  Jimmy and I couldn’t be happier.




About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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