38 weeks and counting…

Yep, still pregnant.  

We are anxiously awaiting Max’s arrival.  I was pretty sure I would go early just because I had been carrying SO low for SO long.  But he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting out, other than the constant beating on my bladder and poking my tummy.  Its pretty neat to watch him move, especially now that he is big enough to occupy my ENTIRE belly.  Im still amazed that at this point I STILL continue to get bigger and bigger… by the minute it feels.  I have had contractions, but they have no pattern and no real strength to them, so Im sure its not labor yet.  I cant remember my dreams but I wake up about every hour in the night thinking I need to grab my bags and head to the hospital.  Everything is done, bags are packed, clothes are washed, nursery is finished… Now we just wait.  I cant wait to meet my little man.


There is so much about motherhood that I am excited about… Im just ready to get this part of my journey started. I know it will be difficult, I anticipate that there will be bumps in the road… but I’m ready for the challenge.


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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