On this here 4th of July…


Earlier this week my husband and I were discussing how disappointing it can be when someone- who enjoys our nations freedoms- doesn’t hold the flag in as high of regards as we do.  Don’t get me wrong… I know the flag is not the gospel… and I by no means elevate the flag above my God… but that flag stands for more than 13 colonies and a bunch of states to me.

Jimmy and I both come from military families.  Both my parents were in the Army.  Jimmy’s father was in the Marines.  My Grandfather was a Marine and my great Grandfather was a WWII Vet who had multiple medals including a purple heart.  I watched my Grandfather deteriorate and eventually pass away.  His death was not due to old war wounds but I watched him have flashbacks of Vietnam, I watched his legs turn black because of the Agent Orange he was exposed to… and you know what- I bet he wouldn’t change a thing.  Not because of a piece of cloth with red and white stripes on it… but because of a flag that stood for everything he held true and important.  Because that flag allowed him to work and provide for his family as much or as little as he thought was necessary… because that flag allowed him to worship or not worship the God who holds us all together… because of that flag that gave him the freedom and ability to own and operate multiple business as he so chose… because of that flag that allowed him to have 5 children and raise them how he saw was best.  Not only did he fight for our country’s freedom, but he also served to protect it as a lifetime police officer and sheriff’s officer.  I’m sorry, but you do not put your life on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE for a cause you do not believe in.  When people disrespect the flag… I feel they are disrespecting my Pawpaw… and everything he held important… including me- his granddaughter.  So when  you call that flag “just a piece of cloth”… remember you are not just disrespecting our Flag and Country… you are disrespecting all of those who fought for the freedom you enjoy- and their families.  Look a veteran in the eye and try to explain to him why you don’t think that flag is important- I dare you!

Happy Birthday America!  And thank you to all who have served or have a loved one serving to protect and preserve our freedoms in any and all capacity.  Whether that means you are a Marine, a home school Mom who is teaching your kids the value of our freedoms, a Police Officer. Border control, Senator etc… THANK YOU!  I appreciate what you do and what you stand for!


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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