A New Full Time Gig!

So I know I have been so fickle when it comes to my creative business “Spira”.  I thought long and hard about that name and now I’m not too big on it.  Just my nature.  I just hope I don’t get bored with my son’s name once he gets here lol!  I have launched… and re-launched… and reopened… and am thinking of re-launching again.  Now that I will be staying home once the baby gets here – focusing on my art has become serious business.  I will not only like to have some additional income… I will NEED the additional income.  So I have spent a lot of time brainstorming on how I can make Spira more of an actual business and less of a hobby.  Yes, I know babies take up a lot of your time.  I’m not looking at this unrealistically.  But I know I can fit in a few hours of work every day.  And if I can master some time management skills I may be able to pull this off.  So here are my thoughts.  And I would LOVE NEED some of your feedback on these as well… since you, ultimately, are my client.

  1. Merging Spira with jellybeanSundae.  Combining both my creative writing effort with my creative crafting effort.  Why have I been keeping them separate anyway?
  2. Taking on some “NEW” projects.  While I do probably enjoy painting the most, paintings don’t sell as often, are not consumable and are a major pain to ship.  I’m hoping to work on my sewing skills and do something a little different with my jewelry.
  3. Adding more baby items.  When Max comes I’m sure I will want to make him loads of cool things… so this one only seems natural.
  4. Offer Art classes.  These will likely be aimed more towards children but I may do some paint alongs (like the wine and paint classes that are very trendy right now but make this something you can bring your kids with you to).  I am actually meeting with someone next week to talk about using their space for classes in the future.

So, along with the new name comes the new branding… Which you can already see a bit of on the blog right now.  It’s not necessarily permanent… I’m just giving it a run to see how I like it.  I’ve also made some changes on the etsy shop… but again- did not make them permanent yet.  The bad news… new name, new branding, means new business cards and paraphernalia… good news… I was out and needed a reorder anyway.

So, stay tuned… give me your feedback… also post in the comments if there are any kind of homemade goodies you’d like to see me try to work on.

Please note that this does not mean that this blog will be any less personal.  If anything it will be more personal.  I still plan to post some random ramblings, personal stories and photos of Max but will just be adding in posts regarding my creative endeavors.


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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