The things us pregnant women obsess over…

So… everyone knows that a pregnant woman acts a little… *ahem* differently due to hormones.  But I find myself obsessing over things that are really not that big of a deal.  Like newborn diapers.  I spent 4 hours yesterday driving myself nuts over newborn diapers.  Jimmy and I have decided to cloth diaper.  We have all our diapers through potty training… except the newborn diapers.  Granted- these are diapers that will likely only be worn for a month or so depending on how small our baby is… but I spent FOREVER searching and reading and searching and googling and searching for specific info on EVERY kind of newborn cloth diaper available.  Then there is the “what to wear to delivery”?  I obsessed over this one for a couple of hours as well- and still haven’t come to a conclusion on either one of these.  I did resolve the “I want to bring twinkle lights into the delivery room” debate…  But now Im stuck on what kind of music I want to play during labor… Im leaning toward classic rock but that doesn’t seem to go with the calm relaxed environment that labor needs to be.  I would be more like a party… not sure how that will effect my progression… lol!  Next its on to packing the hospital bag.  SO MUCH to think about!  


What did you obsess over when you were pregnant?


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2 Responses to The things us pregnant women obsess over…

  1. haha, I could totally relate to the newborn diapers – I’ve found myself obsessing completely over cloth diapers, to the point I’m sure I was driving my husband to a divorce, as it’s ALL I ever spoke about! We’re now thinking of using a combination of prefolds and Imagine all in one diapers (the Imagine diapers are super cheap as a newborn option – you can see their newborn bamboo all in one diapers here: and I love the fact that you can continue using prefolds as they get older as well.
    What are you thinking of using for the newborn phase?

    • Thanks for the suggestion of the Imagine diapers. I hadn’t seen them. We were also looking at using a combo of prefolds with Bummi’s or rumparoos covers and AIO lil’ Joeys. We are using mostly pockets and prefolds with covers for when Max gets bigger but the AIO option looks very nice for when they first come home from the hospital.

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