And baby makes… 3…

So the reality of everything is setting in.  I know… Just starting my 3rd trimester and I’m just now realizing… “Hey my family of 2 is about to be a family of 3”.  Its crazy though.  For months I knew there was life inside me but the only evidence was my growing belly (and I could probably chalk that up to too many trips to Culvers for milkshakes).  Then came the flutters… often mistaken for gas.  But now… Now there is no mistaking it.  I’m large and round… and no amount of milkshakes could cause this.  And those flutters  have turned into jabs, right  hooks and swift ninja like kicks.  I can sit down after a meal and watch this child inside me make my belly bulge… and for the first time last night… I could feel him swipe his arm or leg clear from one side of my stomach to the other… and while he was swiping… I felt it on my legs (I was sleeping in the fetal position with my legs drawn up against my belly).  It was crazy!  It woke me from a pretty decent sleep.  And as much as I hate being woke up… I just smile, sit up and watch the show.  Also there is all the baby  paraphernalia around the house.  I NEVER in a million years realized how much stuff a little tiny 8 lb person needs.  Seriously!  We finished the nursery. I have an appointment with the pediatrician… am looking into breast feeding classes and have been practicing my “birthing exercises” like its serious business now…  So now all we need is Max.   I wonder what he will look like all the time.  I find myself searching through random pictures of strange new born babies wondering if this one… this one here with the dark hair and dark eyes… if this is what Max will look like.  Or maybe he will be born with blonde hair like his daddy was.  And maybe he will have his grandmothers blue eyes… What will he be like… will he be quiet and intellectual or wide open and full of energy.  Will he love music like his daddy or be artistic like his mommy?  Will he grow up to want to go to college or will he have an entrepreneurial spirit and make his own way in life?  I know all these will be answered… probably too quickly for my liking.  But I am so anxious to hold this precious baby boy whom we prayed so specifically for, for all these years.  


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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One Response to And baby makes… 3…

  1. Love this post and it sums up exactly how I’m feeling as well. I always catch myself staring at my bump, just day dreaming about what he will be like and what he’ll look like! I can hardly sleep some nights because I’m so excited!!
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly, and I’m looking forward to following your posts.
    By the way, you might be interested in the give away that I’m holding at the moment for anyone planning on breast feeding. 🙂

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