This Moment… 11 years ago.

I’m writing this post at 9:22 am on 9/11/2012.  I remember exactly what I was doing 11 years ago at this very minute.  I can even close my eyes and smell the musty dorm room I was sitting in… I can feel the short Berber carpet under my legs as I sat cross legged on the floor glued to the television.  The second plane had just hit the South tower almost 10 minutes ago.  I was frozen… time was frozen.  I had no clue the magnitude of what just happened.  My mind hadn’t had time to explore what this meant for me, for my country, for my future children.  All I knew was that I was scared… scared of what I wasn’t sure of yet.  I didn’t go to Chapel that morning… not many people did.  Maybe I should have- maybe that is where we all needed to be.  Over the next 3 days I took only brief intermissions from the constant news footage to eat, sleep and use the bathroom.  Not much work got done, I skipped most of my classes.  I remember crying and not being sure exactly why.  I didn’t know anyone in the towers… I knew it was a horrific event, but I wasn’t much of a crier back then.  I sat on the phone with my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends for hours at a time… just asking the same questions…. Who?  Why?  What does this mean?  I wen’t home from college that weekend… only to resume my spot on the floor in front of CNN, FOX or whatever news channel happened to be on.  Its one of those memories that no matter how much time goes by- it doesn’t fade, change or go away… Its a moment in time that I will never forget.  Its an event that effected me then, and still effects me now.  Its a moment that made me proud to be an American… but scared to live in our country.  Its a moment that made me grateful- forever and always grateful- for our military.  It made me realize what an honor it is to be the granddaughter of a Marine… a Marine who fought on foreign soil for our country… for ME.  Its a moment that forever changed my life.


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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  1. Russell "Dad" says:

    9-11 is our 21st Century version of Pearl Harbor. So many lives have been lost in our history in the name of Freedom. Makes you wonder why so many people in this world are so determined to take it away. “What do they really gain in doing so?” I often ask myself. “Why cain’t they just leave us alone and let us live the way we want to and they live the way they want to?” But I regain my sense of reality and realize it is all about Power!!!! Who has the most and who can keep it the longest. Power is a World Wide issue. Every country is guilty of trying to impose it on another at one point or another in the history of our planet. One little thought to leave you with, We All Breath The Same Air and We All Feel The Warmth From The Same Sun. We Are ALL The Children of GOD!!!!!!!

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