You can’t take the ocean out of my heart…

I don’t know what it is… really… that makes me love the ocean so much.  I grew up in Florida… not ON the coast- but very close to the coast.  I spent EVERY summer at the beach… and most weekends during the warmer seasons I spent there as well.  I took advantage of the fact that I was so close to the ocean… never realizing how much it meant to me… never understanding the power it had over me… and how much of its salty water was in my soul… until I moved away.

Now, a few times a year I need it.  I need to smell the salty air, feel the ocean breeze, have the sticky ocean water on my body and feel the soft sand wash away under my feet as the tide rolls out.  There is just something about it that my body craves.  Something about it that puts all my fears, doubts, insecurities and pains to rest.  Something that makes me feel safe and at home… something that completes me.

I had a bit of a rough week last week.  I started fertility testing on Monday- and I felt emotionally and physically drained.  We just started and the routine testing usually takes about a month.  From there we will see what the results are and either move forward with more testing or start treatment.  My body was weak- not just from the testing- but from the emotional upheaval that this caused… My heart was tired and my soul slightly tormented.  A trip to the ocean was JUST what I needed.

I cant explain what it felt like… but the minute I could see the coast line it was like all my problems washed out to see with the tide.  The first wave I let wash over me was almost like my very own baptism where I was washed clean of all my cares and fears from the past week… no- the past year.  I felt new, and I felt whole again.

Of course on the way home I felt exhausted, waterlogged and a little sun burnt… but it was the best feeling I have had in a long time!

Don’t let me kid you… as at home as I felt in the ocean- Shark week was last week.  So of course I made sure to notify my husband that we were swimming way to close to the pier… and because it was overcast there was sure to be a few bull sharks in the area… and no doubt- as deep as we were, we could surely be a nice snack for them.  I also did step on a jelly fish- I didn’t get stung… but in all my years of beach going- this was my very first encounter with a jelly fish.  None the less… shark week or no shark week… my quick 2 hour dip in the ocean did this Florida girl a world of good!


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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