My weekend in Pictures…

I had a glorious weekend (with the exception of my allergies.  I live in one of the WORST cities for allergies… yuck!)

Friday my cousin Erica, whom I havent seen in years was able to stop in on her way south.  We had a great time chatting and sipping wine on the porch.  Visits like this REALLY make me miss my family.  I wish I were able to just ride down the road and visit all my cousins whenever I wanted… But we are all spread across the South East so times like this are precious.

 Saturday we had some guys come install “Diamond Barrier” insulation in the attic and shot my HVAC up with some magic juice.  No my house is FREEZING- which is great!  I got some great advice on decorating my mantle from Erica (thanks chick).   Erica went on her way around 11am and I spent the remainder of the day shopping for mantle decor and crafting.  I watched “some ” of RoboCop with the hubby- but um… not into it.  I made new curtains for the kitchen…

finally picked up my bamboo shade for the living room and relaxed.  It was nice!  Bruce thought so too!Sunday morning I did my usual thing with the kiddos.  I had an awesome opportunity to teach a little  boy what a “facinator” was.  He made me a cute little paper hat that matched my dress perfectly that morning.  It was a little small for my head (or in his words, my head was too big for the hat), so I stuck it in my bobbie pin and wore it like a facinator.

Church was great as usual, but I’m sure I looked like a fool with both my nook and my phone both running different bible apps.  Don’t ask me why…

We had lunch and yummy gelato over at Whole Foods… yum!

Then finished up our Sunday juggling plans, said plans falling through, napping until 5pm and crafting the evening away…

It was a really nice weekend!


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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