So over the past couple of months I have been collecting a list of common questions I get.  Some via email, facebook, comments, asked in person etc… Topics ranging from how I trained my dog to how I pick out my clothes in the morning.  I never really felt like I had enough to put together an entire post- but lately with my “cleaning schedule” I have been overwhelmed with questions relating to my “home habits”… so here goes!

Where do you shop for your clothes?

Most of my clothes come from NY&Co.  Im not exclusive with them- I will pretty much shop where ever I can find a bargain but I typically am drawn to simple classic lines and colors when it comes to clothes and NY&Co appeals to that.  It also helps that I end up with a coupon from them almost every week and every time I use my store card I get reward points… so yea!  On any given day- I am usually wearing at least one item from there or Belk… I love Belk!

How did you loose all your weight?

I almost didnt include this one- especially since I have gained all of it and then some back.  Moving on…

What methods did you use to train your dog, he is so well behaved?

I laugh!  No, he is well behaved- most of the time.  Ya know, I think we just lucked out on this one.  Bruce has been a great dog from the start.  There were some moments that I wanted to throw him out the window ( like when he chewed the binding of all of our year books and chewed up the only piece of sentimental furniture we have).  But over all he has been pretty easy.  When we got him I swore that I would not spank him… but that went out the window about 3 weeks into the process.  He potty trained easy once we stopped confusing him with trying to indoor AND outdoor potty training.  Training him to sit, shake, lay… all those really happened within one day.  I used a clicker to begin with (google clicker training).  Google was great- anything I wanted him to do- I Googled how to get him to do it. We are still working on getting him to use the doggy door on the porch… no good Google links with that one.  I also used my resources. I have friends who work with dogs, or are dog trainers.  I just asked them questions.  If you have a more specific question on training… let me know.

How do you keep your marriage healthy?

I could write a whole blog post on this one… maybe I will.  We went into our marriage with a “never quit never give up” attitude.  When there is a problem, we fix it.  We respect eachother and really strive to better understand each other.  It also helps that we are best friends.  There is no one I would rather hang out with than Jimmy.  And when I come home, I dont call my girlfriends and gab away with them about things… because it is Jimmy that I want to gab away with (even though he may not be interested… he at least listens… and I return the favor).  It really is much more involved than that… Marriage is hard work.  But seriously… I will probably do an entire blog post on it in the future.

What religion are you?

It kinda makes me sad that I haven’t made that answer perfectly clear… I am a Christian.  And I sin, just like you!  I cant stand it when people are pushy or judgmental with their beliefs… but also cant stand it when people make excuses for not doing what they know in their heart to be right.

Do you have any children?

Also… Have you even read my blog?  LOL!  No, I do not have any children.  I’m what I like to call a childless mother.  Well I don’t LIKE to call myself that- but ya know what I mean.  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now.  We have been through one miscarriage.  What I mean by childless mother is that I feel like a mother- I feel like I have everything inside of me that it takes to be a mother… and a good one… just no children yet.  For now I mother other things… like plants, friends, friend’s children, animals and sometimes even my husband.  I mean no harm- it just comes naturally to me.

You always look so cute, How do you decide what to wear every day?

Awe… You obviously don’t come to work with me… As I sit here in a pair of dirty blue jeans, a plan ole tank and sweater (its actually cool today)… no make up, yesterdays hair do (I don’t even think I brushed it this morning)… Yeah, I ALWAYS look cute… Bless your heart.  I don’t know.  I have a few go to outfits that I tend to cycle through on a pretty regular basis.  I used to  be ALOT better about all this stuff but the older I get- the less I care.  I mean I still like to look nice (though at work I couldn’t care less), but I don’t spend as much time fretting over what I am going to wear.  Most of my clothes are black, white or grey.  I have a few pieces with color or prints- but this makes it easy-  because pretty much everything matches.  When I buy new clothes I ALWAYS consider whether the item can get me through more than one season and more than one look.  Don’t know if that answers your question… but there ya go!

Now on to the Home/Cleaning Questions- Im going to group some of these questions together.

How much time do you spend a week cleaning? Does this interfere with “life”?  Aren’t  you neglecting other things in your life (husband/friends/fun) just so you can have a clean house?What time of day do you usually do your scheduled chores?

Typically I spend about 15-30 minutes a day cleaning.  This adds up to a little over 3 hours a week.  Sometimes it’s not even that much. It just depends on the chore.  I find it has been WAY easier to maintain a clean  home than to clean a dirty home.  I used to spend 6-10 hours cleaning a dirty apartment every other week… and it was never completely clean… that was half the square footage of our home.  I would spend pretty much an entire Saturday or Sunday cleaning and organizing and was never satisfied with the results… It was exhausting.  With the cleaning schedule I am on top of everything- all the time… so nothing gets so out of control that it becomes a major project.  As far as it interfering with other things… quite the opposite.  It all comes down to time management.  I can take an entire Saturday- which my husband usually has off, spend it cleaning and scrubbing and NOT spending time with him, going out, hanging with friends etc… Or I can spend 15-30 min a day cleaning up- usually while he is occupied with something else anyway or even before he gets home from work.  And I don’t know about you- but I DO NOT like having company when my house is a mess.  With the schedule- it stays clean. So I don’t mind last minute guests.  Plus, “life” seems to go alot more smoothly for me with all my ducks are in a row.  Its a mental thing.  I just operate better.  I usually do my chores right when I get home from work- either while dinner is cooking or before I start dinner.  On a typical day I get home anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before Jimmy.  Now with his schedule being so flexible- that is not ALWAYS the case- but it USUALLY is.  So generally I get it all done before he gets home.  Sometimes I wait until later in the evening or right before bed.  Even then it is usually when Jimmy is occupied doing something by himself.  If we are spending time together- I am not cleaning.  On occasion I do my scheduled chores in the morning.  Not typically though.  In the morning before work is usually when I get those “daily” things out of the way like loading/unloading the dishwasher or a load of laundry. But sometimes (rarely) I get motivated and will do a chore or two.  So that answers the whole husband neglect thing too.

How did you come up with your cleaning schdeule?

I subscribe to a few “organizing” blogs… and there are posts all over pinterest.  It just made sense to me.  Im a list maker and a planner so this concept played right into my personality.  I basically took what I saw and tailored it to me.

What cleaning products do you generally use?  Do you make your own cleaning products?

I do make my own cleaning products… well, some of them.  I have been using up what I have of the store bought and transitioning into homemade.  When we moved I started with laundry detergent.  I have been using homemade laundry detergent since the first of June. So far so good.  After a few conversations with others making their own detergent… I do believe that adding oxy clean is important.  Just last week I started using dishwashing detergent.  The jury is still out on this one.  The recipe I had did not specify how much to use per load.  I have had 1 or 2 plates per load  with a film on them… Clean- but not something  you want to put into your cupboards.  Im not sure if my recipe needs tweaking or if Im not using enough.  I have also been using an all purpose cleaner I made for about a month- and I LOVE it.  It is GREAT for the bathroom.  And of course… when I mop… I make my own solution using vinegar, baking soda and water.  Hopefully my steam mop will come soon so I wont have to use anything… 🙂  Im still using glass cleaner and toilet cleaner from the store.  I have a few recipes to replace those with once I  use all of these up.

How do you organize your home?  What systems or methods do you use to organize your home?

I wish I was as organized as this question implies.  But I guess I just do a little at a time.  I check closets on a regular basis, spend time cleaning out and re- organizing as needed.  I try not to let things go too long- hence the cleaning schedule.  Sometimes all you need to do is put some time aside to take everything out (closet, dresser, drawer etc) and put it all back.  Sometimes that’s all it needs.

Don’t you think you’re being a little OCD about keeping your house clean?

Yes.  Is there something wrong with that?

Well that’s all I can handle for today.  If I didn’t answer any questions well enough for you… or if you have any other questions… post in the comments.  I will collect questions until I feel I have enough for another post.


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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