I picked it up and put it down 15 times…

Ok- please say you can relate to this (and that Im not the only crazy one).

I get a lunch break every day… But often I’m not hungry.  I know I know- bad habit- but I usually skip lunch.  So I either sit at my desk and type away these witty and amazingly insightful blog posts or I find a fun spot to spend my hour.  Luckily I work on THE busiest road in Greenville County- so where ever you want to go- it’s probably less than a mile from my office.  This particular day I chose to spend my lunch break wandering through Wal-Mart.  I know… I needed a bucket for my mop (my new steam mop is dysfunctional so it’s back to my crappy sponge head until the new steam mop comes in the mail).  The bucket I have is round and my rectangle sponge head won’t fit in it… So I had been using the sink- and I’m not such a fan of that.  ANYWAY… I needed a RECTANGLE bucket.  I found myself sidetracked for about 40 minutes of my 1 hour lunch break in the garden center (where I am liable to get into much much trouble.  The hubs said no more plants this year… )  Did you know that Wal-Mart garden center had CLEARANCE?  How do you clearance a plant.  Oh well… I found some orange zinnias for 2 bucks…  yep 2 BUCKS!  Obviously I was going to get them… I mean, I needed them.  They needed me.  To be a plant on a clearance shelf… why, that must be the equivalent of being a poor neglected doggie at the animal shelter…. These zinnias needed a loving home in the warm sun with someone who would water them and let them play next to the carnations and daisy gardenias… and that loving person had to be me!  So- my logic said that since they were only 2 bucks, and they needed me… Jimmy wouldn’t mind.  I carried these things through Wal-Mart… put them down in the toy department (which is right past the garden center on the way to the buckets).  Decided I didn’t need them and probably didn’t have the time to plant them anyway.  About 10 steps later I went back and picked them up.  I toted them to the bucket department (yep… the bucket department)… Picked up my bucket… and put back down the zinnias… I stared at them, thought about if I should get them… I mean, 2 bucks… that’s like a soda… I could drink a soda or get the zinnias… So I picked them back up… then put them back down.  I don’t need any more plants.  Plus we REALLY should wait until Fall and next Spring to do any NEW planting… Right?… but they are so pretty… and only 2 bucks… I picked them back up and headed toward the checkout where I got side tracked in the home goods department.  I carefully placed the zinnias down next to some serving dishes.  It’s SO hot outside- I don’t want to spend the time in the garden in this 100 degree weather to plant these… it’s so hot they will die anyway…. But 2 bucks.  Even if they live for 2 weeks… that’s 1 dollar a week for their enjoyment.  Totally worth it…. And I picked them back up again.  Yes folks- this went on until I was 10 minutes late for work… when I eventually put them down back in the bucket department… and proceeded to checkout with my rectangle bucket and my pack of Benadryl.  Ultimately I did what would make my husband proud… but they were very pretty zinnias!

And yes, I left them in the bucket department… shame on me!Image

Have a Super Sweet Day


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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