The Working Housewife… Entry 1

When I was growing up… my mom was- well- amazing!  I still don’t know how that woman did everything she did.  My mom worked 40+ hours (in a high stress job), maintained a pretty much spotless home, cooked dinner at home almost every night (and always ready before 7), kept up with the laundry, spent more than adequate time with me, spent time crafting and DIY-ing (the woman ALWAYS had a project going on), was an avid reader, kept alive multiple houseplants and outdoor flower beds, kept alive multiple animals… AND maintained her sanity while doing so.  I often find myself complaining that I dont have enough time to do “insert random chore” or that I’m so exhausted that I MUST get take out… When I remember all my mother did- I really need to slap myself silly and get a grip on reality.  What was in my mother is also inside of me… I just need to figure out how to harness it and make it work.

So I begin my journey.  I have never really had a STRONG desire to stay home.  Of course it would be nice not to have to work… but I would most likely either wither away from being WAY too lazy- or fill my day with “volunteer” opportunities that are pretty much just jobs… that I don’t get paid for.  Nothing would get done for lack of structure… Its just not me (at least, at this point in my life… things are always subject to change).   But I DO have a desire to maintain a home, hobbies and level of sanity just like most housewives do.  So how do I do that AND work 40+ hours a week… I dont know.  Yeah, you thought I had the answer- but I dont.  But its worth exploring.

Where does this journey begin.  For me it begins with scheduling.  I am a list maker… I love a list… I love being able to lay out an agenda and mark through things as I finish.  I LOVE being able to look days into the future and know exactly what I will be doing.  And even more, I love being able to get a head start on those things if I have the opportunity.  So I made a cleaning schedule.  I have seen many of these on pinterest… Most of them just one schedule that works for every month.  I decided, however, to make mine month to month.  That way I can tailor it to what I have going on that month and work out what nights work best for each chore.  For instance, in June I was cleaning both bathrooms on Monday.  That was OK… but not ideal.  Monday’s are a bit wierd for me.  I dont like doing anything too heavy… maybe its because its the “case of the Monday’s” or maybe because Im always just a bit depressed that the weekend is over… who knows… So I changed my July schedule to clean the bathrooms on Tuesday.  I also noticed that I had scheduled  certain projects to do every week that only really needed to be done once a month- or everyother week… So I was able to make that modification.

I was so proud of myself… I stuck to my schedule the ENTIRE month of June… not missing anything.  Sure there were somethings I did a day early or a day late because of scheduling conflicts… Or somethings that I just didn’t do because they didn’t need to be done.  But other than that- EVERYTHING on that calendar… got taken care of!!!

I know I know- You’re thinking… “well Danielle, its a new house and after the newness wears off you wont want to do that anymore”.  Ok- so in reality I’m such a slob that maintaining my home only gets done when something is “new and fun”.  SHUT UP!  (sorry- that was very rude of me!)  The whole purpose of this is to establish a routine of discipline… of course I wont WANT to do it anymore… I don’t WANT to do it  now… but I WANT the results.  So there!   You’re also thinking “Oh Danielle, you don’t have any kids, sure  you can do it now… just wait until you have children.”  Again… the purpose is to establish a routine… so when we DO have children, we aren’t starting from scratch.  (and that excuse drives me nuts!)  Caution: Rant ahead ——>  Just because you aren’t able to maintain your home or live up to your own expectations please do not throw those excuses at me and tell me I CANT  because you CANT.  <— Rant Over.  I’m not saying my home will be a spotless haven of homemade treasures at all times.  I’m just saying- don’t doubt my abilities.  Encourage me- or move on.  (why do women do that anyway… shouldn’t we be uplifting instead of tearing down each other?)  Lets work together on this.

Now, if you are at a place in your life where every thing is in utter chaos and you just CANNOT seem to get it together… please- these posts are not meant to make you feel bad.  We all have those moments in our life.  You have to prioritize and sometimes- homemaking is just not a priority.  I also understand that there exists those people who are perfectly comfortable in dissarray… good for you!  I even slightly envy you.  I seriously get anxiety when my home is not in some sort of order… I dont like feeling that way over something that seems so trivial- but I’ve always been that way.  So for me- mastering this is imperative.

So, they say it takes 6 times to make a good solid habit… not sure if in this instance that means 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months.  But Im going to go with 6 weeks on this one.  So that means that by July 15th, abiding by the cleaning schedule should be second nature.  I will update you when we get to that point.

SO… Im dying to know.  I know some stay at home moms read my blog… some young single chicks read it… and a few working women read as well… Do you have a schedule you stick to for keeping your home clean?  Do you just wing it?  What works for you?

Thanks and have a Super Sweet day!


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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9 Responses to The Working Housewife… Entry 1

  1. Kristie Dandeneau says:

    I stay at home with two little ones. And I have a cleaning/household schedule. I also have a cleaning lady who comes in every 3 weeks, which is a HUGE help, especially with little ones. We hired her because we fought over who would clean the glass shower. So now she does! 🙂 My schedule is this: Monday – Laundry, Vacuum (if not done Sunday night), wipe down bathrooms. Tuesday – Nothing. Wednesday – change sheets, dust, vacuum, wipe down kitchen (every other week I either dust baseboards, blinds, and doors or wipe cabinets/knobs/switches), Thursday – Finish remainder of cleaning, Laundry, Friday – Nothing or vacuum if needed, Saturday – Nothing or a random load of laundry (this just started since having my second thanks to his diaper explosions or spit ups). Sunday – Vacuum. I also change out bathroom towels every other day and kitchen towels every day. Once a month or every 6 weeks I try to wash the bedding (comforters, blankets). Daily chores include picking up (with help from the kids), wiping counters/table, running/emptying dishwasher, making beds. My cleaning lady does a full house clean, including mopping the floors – so I only do that if needed in between.

    And I completely agree with your rant. Everyone is different and some personalities can’t do what other personalities can. And even then, some people don’t have the desire or drive. A schedule and routine go a long ways in having a more organized and less stressful life with our without kids.

    Good luck in your venture and feel free to get in touch if you wanna discuss anymore!

    • A Cleaning lady! Im so jealous! I have contemplated bringing one in every other month to do projects like baseboards, cleaning under and behind major appliances and those type of things- but right now its just not in the budget. Did you get your schedule from someone else or create it yourself?

      • Kristie says:

        Seriously, we never had one until we got in a fight over cleaning the glass shower. It lasted 2 weeks before my hubby pulled the trigger and hired a cleaning lady. And who am I to object considering the fight started because it was HIS week to clean the shower?!?!?!

        I made my own schedule. I tried to make it so that it fit my life – like I vacuum Sunday night or Monday because we always have company on Sundays so my floors are usually dirty after everyone leaves. I do laundry on Thursday because I like a lot of options for the weekends. I just evaluated my own priorities, routines, and made what worked for me.

  2. Debra Doria says:

    From the point of view of a “Mature Woman”

    One thing I remember my grandmother saying is “I’m 50, I can say what I please.” Hard to believe, I am now 50. But I guess I will take what she said as law. I’ve earned it!

    I raised 2+ children. The + is counting the many children who came through my home. Some stayed, some left, but there were always at least 2. I worked at least one full time job and one part time. My household philosophy changed as I grew older. When the kids were little, everything had to be perfect. One day I found myself telling Philip to pick up his Lego’s and God gave me my own personal epiphany. My son was playing with his Lego’s and I was so worried about having everything in place I was losing and opportunity to see him grow and create. Not to mention spending time with him. It was very enlightening but God knew me all to well, it would take more than a falling of the horse experience for me get it. So it was not too long after that a little old lady at church pulled me aside and told me to stop being a Martha and ask God to make me more like Mary. It was as if God was saying “HELLO DEBRA, I AM TALKING TO YOU”. So I listened, I changed my thought process. Now anyone who knows me, know my house is not a dump. It is clean enough to be healthy, and messy enough to be happy. I enjoyed every minute I could with my 2+ children. Now I was a single mom, but Danielle you have a husband that needs as much, if not more attention than a child. (Jimmy was one of my + children so I know.) And as your family grows, God will give you your own epiphany. If today you need a schedule to feel successful as you build your home then that is what you should do. But I encourage you to keep your ears open. We often forget that God is concerned with every area in our life. That includes time management. So make sure you are seeking His guidance as you look for the perfect way that works for you. Love you Lots Lady, Bye Bye Deb

    • Oh believe me… I know Jimmy needs plenty of attention… lol! The schedule actually works to our benefit on this one. I usually get home 30 min to an hour before Jimmy and every evening there are things Jimmy works on himself. This gives me plenty of time to get done whatever chores I have scheduled for the night. Im not anal about keeping the house clean… I dont chase people around with a bottle of windex and a coaster… the house is made for living… but when we are done- we put our toys away and clean up after ourselves. If found maintaining a clean home takes WAY less time and effort than cleaning a dirty home!

  3. Okay, So…you have seen my house in complete disarray multiple times this year. My housework was one of the things that took last priority for me. I have by no means mastered the organization of a cleaning schedule. However, there have been times in my life that I have followed Fly Lady, which creates the cleaning schedule for you. It is awesome and it works! It breaks down the overwhelming feeling of CHAOS into small but doable chores and focuses your attention on one zone at a time. I loved your calendar also. I wholeheartedly understand that mess produces stress! I have been working on developing some small, good habits as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mindy says:

    I agree with Brooke on Flylady. It really helped me make it manageable AND I didn’t have to think about it. I just did what my email told me to do. I think that was the best part of it…the not having to think, “Okay, what do I do next.” It kept me out of crisis cleaning. I stopped it because the emails became too much, but I think I’ll pick it up again. One thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that my level of “clean and cluttered” has stayed the same throughout our entire marriage. I’ve gotten better about a few things, but I have my comfort level and that’s where the house pretty much stays. Whether we had 1, 2, or 3 kids, the house didn’t get much messier or cleaner. I just realized this in the last year or so. Weird, I know. =)

  5. Comfort level is a big thing. I seem to go through stages that are in direct proportion to my stress level… Im not sure if it is the clutter that causes the stress or the stress that causes the clutter… but if I keep my home in a state where im most comfortable, everything functions better. Im sure my version of clean and clutter free are someone else messy nightmare. Its so subjective! 🙂

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