Racism is stupid.

Yesterday’s funny moment-  brought to you by Jimmy Sorrells…

My husband has always tanned quicker, darker and more evenly than me.  Yes, I am jealous!  He has enough Cherokee Indian in him that 10 minutes of sun for him equals about 4-6 hours of straight exposure for me.  Punk!  Anyway… with all the yard work he has been doing, he has develped quite a farmers tan.  Yesterday as he was about to get into the shower- he walked into the hall way- put his super dark forearm up against his lilly-white thigh and said… “racism is stupid… Im two different colors, I would be racist against myself”.  I chuckled… and he disappeared back into the bathroom.

Then again last night the topic came up.  Jimmy is reading a book title “One Blood” by Ken Ham.  Out of the blue he turns to me (as I am just about to fall asleep) and says, “you know there is no such thing as racism.”  I simply offered an “I know”, rolled over and fell asleep.  But it has got me thinking.  I know some of you are thinking… no such thing as racism… what is he talking about.  Put simply- there is only one race… the human race.  We all just vary in skin color the same as we do in hair and eye color.  

I hate it when people say “I dont see color”.  Unless you’re color blind… yes you do!  And that is perfectly ok.  There are differences between Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc.  We grew up differently with different traditions, different routines, different views etc.  And that is no big deal.  But I was never raised to discriminate because of color or ethnicity.  I was never afraid to bring home a Black boy as my boyfriend.  I was more afraid to bring home some White trash than anything else.  

I really have no “point” to this post.  Just that Racism is stupid.  I don’t see what the difference between all of us is – except maybe a few traditions, some minor differences in the way we grew up and, oh of course the color of our skin.  


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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3 Responses to Racism is stupid.

  1. jimmy sorrells says:

    As you were falling asleep, I did not say “there is no such thing as racism.” I said “there is no such thing as the term race.”

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