House Diary- 6/18/2012- The house has been “warmed” and weeded.

Saturday we had our house warming party.  We had a great turn out and had a fabulous time!!  It was so wonderful to be able to finally host all my friends at my home.  For years my friends have hosted us, cooked for us, and entertained for us- but now it was my turn.  It felt so awesome to have space for everyone’s kids to play in the back yard and plenty of room for all the adults to mingle and talk.  We had an absolute wonderful time!!!

Since the party has come and gone, yes- that means that for the most part- the house is done.  There are a few decorating touches needed (mostly in our bedroom) but everything else is pretty much finished.  Of course that excludes the yard.

Sunday during our weekly trip to Lowes… we have graduated from daily to now just weekly… I decided to go ahead and pick up some small yard tools.  Did you know there is a tool made for weeding… its called a weeder- go figure!  I’ve never seen one in my life.  Amazed with my new tool- I decided to just see how it worked (keep in mind I’m still in my church clothes- white skirt and all).  About an hour or so later- I had the entire flower bed in front of the porch weeded.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Jimmy and I hung up our bird feeders and bird houses… It is starting to come together.  But there is still so much to be done.  It will definitely be keeping me busy!!!

We have also bridged another huge milestone at home… Our dog Bruce is now 15 months old and up until yesterday was kenneled any time we weren’t home.  We never have a problem with potty accidents… but he has chewed a few things before.  We left him out while we were at church, and then again when we went to Lowes.  He did really well- no issues that we found.  So today is an experiment to see if he can spend 8 hours alone in the house without destroying anything.  We will see how he does when he gets home!

It has been a month since we closed on the house and 3 weeks since we moved in and we couldn’t possibly be happier.  On a daily basis Jimmy and I tell each-other how blessed we feel to finally be in a home!  We put it off for so long that for a while it just seemed like we would never make the commitment. There are mornings when I wake up and stagger into the kitchen for my coffee where it still doesn’t feel real… like we are  house sitting and in a few days we will need to pack up and head back to our apartment…  But it is ours… and we are so thankful!

Thank you to everyone who has come by for a visit or came for the party!  We LOVE having you over!


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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