House Diary: 6/12/2012- First entry!

We closed on the house on May 15th, got “almost” everything painted that weekend and moved in the following weekend… That was the craziest busiest 2 weeks I can ever remember.  But much thanks to all that helped!  You have NO clue how much I appreciate you!  Jimmy and I took the week after we moved in off to get things unpacked and settled… and 2 weeks later we are still not totally unpacked.  We are getting there though.  We should have it all complete by Saturday.  Well, we better… Saturday is our house warming party.

We’ve made so many trips to Lowes that it is ridiculous!  We’ve had to learn how to be a bit more handy.  Jimmy converted something electrical on our dryer (no clue).  Even though he almost electrocuted himself and ended up burning a hole in his pants… he did it!  He also change the chandellier in the kitchen- which seemed like it would be much more difficult than it actually was.  We have removed, painted and replaced all the door hardware.  I have a STRONG dislike for gold fixtures in the house… I dont care if its a hinge or a faucet… its got to go!  So we painted the hardware in oil rubbed bronze… which in reality just looks like a golden flecked black.  But it looks nice!  (huge tedious project.  I recommend just forking over the couple hundred dollars and buy new hardware) We still have a few pictures to hang, some curtains to put up and a little decorating to do… but other than that- Im done! Oh and a big black square that my husband asked me to paint on the wall… ?…

It has been EXHAUSTING… but SO rewarding to work on our house.  The house didnt need any major work- thank GOD… but just little touches to make it ours.  I am so pleased!!!! I cant begin to describe how it feels to walk into MY home where I picked the paint, and everything else.  Especially after living in white and beige walled apartments for the last 9 years.  I am so blessed!

My next project… tackle the yard.  Surprisingly having a yard has been one of the most intriguing things for me about owning a home.  I say surprisingly because I really didn’t think I would be all that into yard work or gardening… My mother has the greenest thumb of anyone I have ever met.  She brings dead plants back to life and can make anything grow.  I had begun to think that the green thumb must have skipped a generation- because everything I “tried” to grow in the apartment ended up dead.  I even killed pathos.  My mom says you CANT kill pathos.  I must be pretty amazing- because I did… on numerous occasions.  Anyway… the previous, previous owners (two owners ago) planted a LARGE variety of flowers, shrubs and trees in our yard… nice ones…expensive pretty ones.  I feel obligated to keep them up… and surprisingly… yes I said surprisingly again… I’m excited about a new hobby of gardening.  A dear friend of mine who I like to refer to as the rose whisperer came over this week to help explain to me exactly what I have in my yard and the best way to take care of it  I know NOTHING!  Guess I should have paid more attention to my mother when I was younger.  Disappointingly I learned that 3 of my 4 rose bushes probably need to be pulled up and replaced with new bushes.  Otherwise they will always look sparse and scraggly.  One of them is just SOOOO out of control and has about 6 other weeds and bushes growing up inside it that it would just be worth the money to start over.  So I will keep my pretty yellow roses that are actually doing very well.  I counted over 32 OPEN blooms on it before the rain rolled in yesterday.  I will dig up the white roses which are being overtaken by my white hibiscus bush.  Dig up the the climbing red roses which only bloom at the top since no one ever cut them back and most likely dig up the small pink tea roses after I at least make an attempt to pull up just the weeds and encroaching bushes growing within it.  Also on the side of the house I have the most beautiful white Anabelle hydrangeas… The heads of the blossoms are SO big- almost a foot in diameter… and there are so many blossoms.  I can fill my entire house with hydrangeas and still have a SUPER full bush outside.  I have irises, canalilies, calalilies, day star lilies, honeysuckle, a butterfly bush, a Japanese maple, 2 (what we assume to be) azalea bushes, a smoke bush, a crape myrtle, and a handful of other plants that I cant even remember.  Someone even said they found mint growing in the back corner (which I haven’t ventured into yet for fear of snakes).  LOTS of weeding needs to be done… some edging needs to be done… some mulching needs to be done… ALOT of work.  Its overwhelming- but exciting at the same time.  I’ll post pictures of the garden once the rain finally stops.  Most everything is in bloom (except the azaleas).

I’d like to plant some peonies, a blackberry bush or two, maybe some hyacinths and gladiolus… Ambitious I know! We shall see!  All gardening advice much appreciated!  Please post in the comments!


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