Welcome to the Hizzle…

Well since we last spoke alot has happened.  We are under contract on a home in Simpsonville and are due to close in 1 month.  We are so excited.  I think this house was the very last house on the market that met our qualifications… but it suites us perfect.  Its a little on the small size, but is about the same as the house we would have built. It has a very large (for me) and efficient kitchen, which I am most excited about.  Screened in back porch and fenced in yard, which the dog is excited about.  All of our paperwork and everything is done, now the loan just has to finish through processing and we are good to go.  The reality of the fact that we are buying a house is a bit weird.  I guess I was just so worried that SOMETHING would come up and we would end up stuck in the apartment again was believing that this was all just never going to happen.  Of course we havent gone to closing yet, but everything looks perfect.  We put in our notice at the apartments yesterday.  Needless to say, they were shocked.  We have been there longer than any of the staff… Im sure they thought we would stay there till we died.  Now that we are moving, we are becoming more and more aware of all the things we will NOT miss about living in the apartment.  Meanwhile my apartment is barely livable because we are overwhelmed with boxes, and I cant seem to muster up the motivation to clean knowing that we will be moving in just a few short weeks.  So… that is where we stand on the house front.  

In other news… well there is not much other news.  The house has kind of consumed us here lately.  

Happy Friday the 13th!

Have a super sweet day!


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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