To the Hizzle.

Well, the house hunt has commenced and is in full swing.  I cant decide if I love looking for a house or if I hate it.  I am kinda leaning towards the hate side.  It seems that there is some conspiracy against me because any time I really like a house… BAM! A contract is slapped on it.  So… the hunt continues.  I know we haven’t been looking long, but honestly I’m ready to be done!  We have been in an apartment for 9 year (as of yesterday) and I am just ready to have some of my own space… something I can paint and call MINE!  Plus, the dog needs a yard… the baby (that we don’t have yet) needs a room, and gosh darnit… I need a bigger kitchen.  We are looking into building which is a bit overwhelming but I find it to be a more peaceful process than buying.  When we go into houses it seems like all the stars need to  be aligned for us to like it… but in building- we put the stars where we want them to be.  Plus there is the longevity.  Statistically we will stay in a house we build for much longer than we would a house we buy.  And Lord knows I hate moving.  So… that’s where we are today.  We have found a lot we like and are meeting with the builder to do some pricing.  We don’t plan to sign anything or go into contract… this is just info only.  So I’ll keep you posted… and if you are the praying kind… pray for me- I don’t have much patience for this kinda thing.


Have a super sweet day!


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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