I declare 2012…

The year of the blog…  I know, I am so bad at keeping up with… well everything.  From blogging, keeping up with friends, family, projects… everything. I try though.  At least I know when to admit defeat, right?

Well I will try to be better this year.  I know how interested in my life you are (sarcasm).  But Im not going to spend an hour updating you on what Jimmy and I have been up to the past year.  But I will let you know what we are doing now.

If you know me, you know we stay busy.  I complain about it sometimes, but honestly I couldn’t operate any other way.  I only have 2 speeds… its running full force with my hair blown back, or laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing.  I prefer to operate in the first mentioned, but occasionally operate in the second.   I lead a team that covers a part of our Children’s ministry at church.  I absolutely love it.  Those kids are so important to me.  Jimmy helps Sunday mornings, and I believe he loves it almost as much as I do.  Jimmy leads a small group that meets once a week.  We enjoy the fellowship and opportunity to serve in this manner.  I volunteer at an organization called Little Steps.  This is an organization devoted to helping teenage and young mothers.  Again, LOVE it!  Those girls too have made quite an impression on me.  On top of all that, you know me, I’ve always got to have my hands in something creative.  I started Spira a little over a year ago, and over the past few months that creative energy has evolved into something a little bit different.  I’ve been working with one of the coolest girls I know in a partnership to combine my creativity and her passion for animals.  Once we are ready for launch, I’ll be sure to tell you much more about it.  Other than that, there is the every present social life… the children of my best friends whom I try to see as much as possible because they grow just so darn fast… trips to Atlanta to see my parents… spending time with the coolest nephew ever… trying to get away as much as possible an spend time with my hunk of a husband… and whatever else life throws at us.  Yeah, we are exhausted at the end of the day, but we love our life and wouldn’t change a thing.

So that should bring you to the present.

As always, thanks for reading and have a super sweet day!


❤ Danielle and Jimmy


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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One Response to I declare 2012…

  1. Mindy says:

    I didn’t know Jimmy lead a small group OR that you’ve been volunteering at Little Steps! I can’t wait to hear about it when we make it up there again. Of course, you can always visit down here too. It’s 70s or upper 60s all week. 🙂

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