All Aboard!!!

Yes, again! I know I know… All aboard the weight loss train. I have a life time dieters pass and I’m once again making a trip. Hopefully this one wont be round trip.
I sat down with myself last week and had a stern talkin to… myself. I can blame my weight gain on meds, health situation or whatever- but fact of the matter is there IS still something I can do to loose this weight until the situation gets under control. So I made myself a new eating plan, and a new exercise plan- which I wasn’t able to adhere to this morning thanks to the rain. (yet another excuse already creeping into my diet trip).
SO… after some thought I have decided that I’m going back on a vegetarian kick. I did the vegetarian thing years ago… once for about 6 months, then again for about 3 months… each time falling off the wagon and giving up. This time I’ve decided to give myself a little bit of slack, allowing myself meat if I really really desire it. I read an article in Self, or Shape… (I dunno, one of those S magazines) about becoming a flexitarian. It really gave me a sense of freedom in the whole situation. Each time I’ve done the vegetarian thing I still keep fish and eggs in my diet and I do plan to stick with that plan this time. I am also not “forbidding” myself from an occasional steak or chicken finger. This makes getting back on the wagon alot easier when I fall of- and I will fall off I’m sure. Now instead of giving up, beating myself up and feeling like a failure- I know its ok, it was in the plan, and I can move on with my vegetarian self and my head held high. Hopefully with this thought process I will be able to make the vegetarian lifestyle a permanent fixture in my life.
You see, I need boundaries… clear defined boundaries… and a restrictive diet usually helps me be more diligent with my choices. Thats why I did so well before… but then there is the occasional craving for a nice juicy steak, or pepperoni loaded pizza.
So as I embark, plan in hand, I ask that you think of me… pray for me… whatever it is that you do for me… I have got to get this weight off!
I’m debating on doing the whole weekly check in, weigh-in, and photo… If you like that sort of thing and would like to read postings on my weight loss train wreck, um I mean ride, just let me know in the comments.

SN- So, funny story… I googled images for “train wreck” and a picture of Amy Winehouse popped up.


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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3 Responses to All Aboard!!!

  1. Mindy says:

    Hey Danielle,
    I would never ask anyone to put themselves through the weekly weigh-ins and photos, at least publically! But I understand the need for specific boundaries and accountability. I do so much better at things when I know someone else will see. Youou should definitely do a check-in. And it will keep me encouraged to make healthier choices as well. It’s really embarrassing how many burgers, chicken strips, and fries we’ve been eating. You’re in my prayers!

    Mindy D.

  2. jimmy sorrells says:


  3. Jill says:

    Danielle, the key is to just make it a lifestyle change. Period. No dieting no feeling like a failure, just change your mind about food, and exercise. You can do it!! I know you can!!

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