Daniel Fast Update

January 30th– Preparation

I can honestly say that I’m very excited to start the Daniel Fast tomorrow.  Being out of town this past weekend and with the crazy busy schedule I’ve had, we have been eating out and eating horribly.  Jimmy of course doesn’t want to do the fast with me.  I lost him at the “no meat” part.  We swung by Trader Joes to pick up just a few items to make sure I’d be set at least for a few days until I can do some real grocery shopping.  I spent some time in the kitchen preparing some food and lunches so I have no excuse to cheat.  It was a nice feeling.  Back when I was eating really healthy- every Sunday night I would spend a few hours chopping up fresh fruit and vegys and putting a premeasured amount into little baggies and containers.  Id measure out serving sizes of granola and other healthy snacks so I’d have something in the fridge I could just grab and go.  The act alone makes me feel just that much healthier.  I’m very excited about starting on all my Feb goals.  I’ve got a jump start on the organizing thing as I spent the last half of last week organizing our bedroom closet and dresser drawers.  I may do this every month- set a few things I’d like to accomplish and work towards.  I look forward to getting started.  But I don’t want to be too ambitious.


Day 1- 9:30am

I’m already hungry.  I got up at 5:30am this morning so I ate a fairly early breakfast.  I did some juicing and blending.  I juiced some carrots, an apple, a kiwi and some fresh spinach- added that to a blender with a banana, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and mango.  It was pretty good- but probably not a good idea for a sole source of breakfast.  I probably need more fiber and protein.  I’ll hit up whole foods for some organic grits or something.  Right now I’m snacking on an apple- so I should be good till lunch.


Day 2- 8:50am

Well I’ve made it through the first day.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from both caffeine and sugar withdrawals.  I’ve had a horrible headache since about 1pm yesterday.  I guess all that coffee I used to drink really did have an effect on me.  For lunch yesterday I had some frozen vegy mix with beans and ½ an avocado.  For dinner I did beans with jalapeno and a side of spinach.  Odd combo- but I figure I got to get all my nutrients somehow.


Day 3- 1pm

Well I’m pretty sure yesterday was a threshold.  I wanted to quit- seriously- on only the 2nd day… but I kept with it.  My headache reached its beak around 6pm then slowly started dying down.  I still have just a faint dull pain- but nothing like it was.  Last night we went for Pizza with some friends.  I was good… I only ate tomatoes, cucumber and onions drizzled with some Olive oil and vinegar.  Pizza is always hard for me to pass up- but I did it.  (I ate some beans before I left to fill me up- which proved to make for an uncomfortable evening… note to self- slack off on the beans).  I slept all morning possibly aiding in the headache situation.  I read that it can take up to 9 days for caffeine to completely get out of your system.  Hopefully I won’t be dealing with these withdrawal symptoms as long.


Day 4- 9:10am

Wow, I’ve made it to day 4 with no cheating.  I did have a dream that I ate a donut last night.  I think my withdrawal headaches are gone.  I had one come back yesterday afternoon- but it went away after I ate.  I’ve been kinda laying low- not engaging in much physical activity because of the headaches… but today I’m going to venture to the gym to try new class- hip hop yoga.  Yesterday I realized that I can have whole wheat pasta and whole wheat tortillas (providing that their ingredients abide by the Daniel Fast standards).  This made me happy- really happy.  I had spaghetti last night- yum!  The super bowl is coming up and I’m a little concerned.  I will be making non Daniel Fast friendly food to bring to the game- but I need to find something to make that I can eat.  I’m sure no one else will be bringing a vegan, sugar free dish.  So the recipe hunt begins.  I will probably make a guacamole and then bring my own tofu or something like that.



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2 Responses to Daniel Fast Update

  1. Mindy says:

    Hey Danielle,
    I admit I’m intrigued by the Daniel fast. I’ve never fasted either, but I’ve been wanting to do something to kick the sugar habit. I want to find something kind of extreme but that I can do with the whole family. I guess it doesn’t matter what I do though, getting the kids and hubs off of sugar and empty carbs will be difficult! Keep going! I’m already impressed with how far you’ve made it!


  2. Roxanne says:

    Good for you! I want to hear all about this on sunday while I’m giving your moral support and eating junk food in front of you. ; )

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