Home makes it easier.

Hello.  I write to you today from Greenville.  Yes, I am back home.  After 8 days of sleeping on the ICU waiting room floor, I decided that I needed to head back home, take care of things at work and get a little rest myself.  I slept an amazing 9 hours last night (with just a tad bit of medicinal help of course).  It’s nice to be home.  While my heart (and apparently my brain as well) remain in Atlanta with my Mother and Father, it is nice to sleep in my own bed, walk around in my undies if I so desire, grab a glass of water with ice and not have to pay 1.50 at a vending machine.  Distancing myself from the hospital helps me deal with the situation more logically than emotionally.  Mom is a fighter.  There is no doubt about that.  She is strong-willed and has let the doctors know how SHE plans to move forward.  I just heard from Dad moments ago, they were able to lower the settings on her vent just a little.  She is one or two steps away from us being able to bring her out of sedation.  This makes me so hopeful.  This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions.  One day I’m sad because I’m sure there is no way she will make it through this, the next day I am super hopeful because I know anything is possible, and Mom is so strong, she just might make it.  Then the next day, I’m sure she will pull out of this.  Then back to being pessimistic and so on… I know this is natural, but its exhausting.  I’m a planner, I like to know whats going to happen… this sit and wait game is not for me!  But right now its all we can do.

So, for an update…. Last time we spoke was Saturday.  Since then we have been able to take a few steps forward.  They have lowered her o2 levels to 50% and her peep is now at 8.  We need a peep of 5 to even consider bringing her out of sedation.  So it looks like we are moving in that direction.  The doctors have been pumping mom full of steroids… So far only minor changes, but we remain hopeful.  As of yesterday, mom hadn’t had a bowel movement in over 9 days.  The docs were concerned that she may have a blockage.  They took her for a CT scan of her abdomen and sinus cavity and found no blockage, but she did have sinusitis.  They are treating her sinusitis and praise God, we had some poopage this morning.  When Mom comes out of this I will have to tell her how excited we were when she finally pooped.  She is probably going to be livid that her bowels have been a topic of conversation for days now.  She has spiked a temperature a few times, but we believe that the sinusitis is most likely the cause for all of that.   So that is where she stands.

Most of the family has headed home.  Everyone has family of their own to tend to, and Mom would want them to take care of their own.  Mom never liked anyone making a fuss over her.  But I know she would have been moved to tears to see that everyone came to her side in her time of need.  Thank you to all of you that were able to come stay with us at the hospital.  And I know there were many of you who wished you could make it but were unable to… She knows you are here in spirit.  I’m sure of it!  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

I will update again in a day or so.  Keep praying!!!


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3 Responses to Home makes it easier.

  1. Dianne Bryant says:

    We will continue to pray and look forward to complete healing for your sweet mom. We love you guys.

  2. Mary Anne Rodgers says:


    Carlton & I are praying for your mom and for your dad and you. All of you are such a wonderful family, and you are a testimony of your love for each other. Please tell your dad that we love all of you and that we will continue to pray daily. I know that they are both so proud of you!!

  3. Andrea says:

    I am so glad that she is progressing!! I have been really worried about all of you!! Uncle Rusty called me the other day and let me know how everything was going. when Aunt kim pulls through all this I think it is time for a family reunion!! Its been way to long!! I love you all and thinking of U lotts!! Aunt Kim will be ok!! after all, she is a Tower!!! Love u lotts
    Your Cuzz, Andrea

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