Update on Mom.

Its been a crazy few days.  I’m having difficulty remembering exactly what day of the week it is and what time it may be.  I headed back to Greenville Wednesday night thinking that I would return Saturday morning to a much improved mother.  I got a phone call Thursday afternoon that they had scheduled for Mom to go into surgery for another biopsy on Friday morning.  The surgery was extremely risky and there was a high chance that she wouldn’t make it.  I tied up all my loose ends to prepare myself to be gone however long I needed from work and immediately got back on the road to Atlanta.  I stayed with her Thursday night, held her hand, talked to her and cried as I was fearful that it may be my last night with her.  Friday morning the doctors decided that Mom was in no condition to handle the surgery.  The risks outweighed the positives.  We felt slightly relieved however knowing the reason that she wasn’t being sent back to surgery was not a positive one.  They put mom on a paralytic, which chemically paralyzes her, keeping her from breathing over the machine.  They had made a bit of progress with her O2 levels and peep (pressure) level.  After making such progress they weened her from the paralytic yesterday.  We were very happy to be making such headway.  Late last night they decreased her O2 and peep again.  Immediately she didn’t handle it well, so they adjusted her peep back to where it was.  After about an hour they had to put her O2 level back as well.  This morning they had to put her back on the paralytic, increase her O2 again and increase her peep.  So we made 1 step forward, and 2 steps back.  She is a fighter, and she is not giving up.  She is so strong and giving this everything she has.  Lets do the same and continue to pray and not give up on the situation.  There is still hope.

I have been so overwhelmed with how kind and thoughtful all my friends, co-workers and acquaintances have been.  You have all truly given me a strength that I would not have had without you.  I appreciate your calls, your texts, your emails, thoughts, prayers… everything you are sending my way.  I will forever be grateful.  I wish I were able to open up my heart and show you just how much the fact that you care means to me.  But for know, all I can offer you is a simple “Thank you”.

I will keep you posted as new things develop.


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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One Response to Update on Mom.

  1. Racheal Goulder says:

    Hello my fave <3!
    I love you. I am constantly thinking about you, your mom, and dad… and our family!

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