My weekend in Photos…

Saturday Jimmy and I went downtown for our city’s Artisphere event.  Artisphere is an event Greenville puts on every year showcasing Artists, both local and non local.  I love this event every year.  Some of the art work is amazing and I always feel inspired to go home and do something creative.  I Love spending time in our downtown.  It makes me realize why I love our city.  I’m convinced that there is no city in the south-east, maybe even the country with a downtown as beautiful as ours.  Jimmy and I  walked along the streets and took time to look through all the vendors.  We stopped for some bubble tea at our favorite Tea bar, Ocha.  We also stopped at the Lollipop shop.  After all, what would a trip downtown be without some jelly bellys and crickets… yes I said crickets.  Jimmy got a box of crickets to snack on… real, dried, salt and vinegar flavored crickets.  He received NO kisses from me for at least an hour after he had eaten them.

One of our favorite attractions at Artisphere is Brian Olsen’s Art in Action.  He picks a musician, paints their portrait using his hands, elbows, big brushes or whatever, and paints/performs to the artists music.  We’ve seen him paint Marilyn Monroe, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and many others.  But… Saturday was my lucky day!  We FINALLY saw him paint my most favorite singer ever… Dave Matthews.  Of course Jimmy doesn’t like Dave… but I was in heaven!

Saturday evening we got to celebrate Sammy’s 4th Birthday.  I can’t believe the little man is getting so big.  I always enjoy spending time with our friends and their children.  With most of my family living so far away, we have adopted our friends and their families as our own family.  Jimmy is so good with the kids.  I just know one day he will make a great daddy. 

Sunday we drove to Atlanta for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures.  We arrived to a great surprise.  My Uncle Danny was intown from Florida on his way up to Myrtle Beach.  I haven’t seen him in a while, so it was so nice to drive up and see his truck in Mom’s drive way.  Dad made the BEST ribs with his homemade sauce.  I don’t even like ribs but I ate 2 racks myself.  They were very yummy.  I think this is the first Mother’s day in YEARS that I have been able to spend with both my mother and my grandmother.  What a blessing!!!! We just had a relaxing evening eating and sitting around talking.  It was wonderful.

I hope all of you had a great Mother’s day.  I’m sure most of you at some point or another have had a hand in “mothering” me.  They say it takes a village… and I appreciate the village for sure!  I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.


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Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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