Schools out for Summer…

So as excited as I am to be out for the summer, finishing up my last exam didnt evoke quite the feeling I remember.  I remember Senior year in high school… That very last class… It was a rush of emotions once I finished that last exam and knew I had the whole summer to do whatever it was I pleased.  Maybe its the fact that I’m 27, work pretty much full-time, and wont exactly be able to “do whatever I please” this summer, but I’m kinda bummed.  I was expecting the scene from Grease, ya know where they all run out of the school when the final bell rings and BAM!! all of a sudden they are at the fair singing “Yippidy dip dee do doo whop sha wadda wadda”.  Nope, no singing, no teleportation to some great fair, not even any whooping and hollering.  Just a sense of urgency to get home and start dinner.  Why is it that with age comes a lack of excitement.  I mean, sure, I will be working this summer… But I get every Wednesday off while I’m out of school.  Which means a day at the lake, laying by the pool, day trips to Charleston or Atlanta.  And no more homework, which means spending the entire evening with the hubs and not having to say no to late night movies and trips to IHOP because I should be studying.  That alone should be enough to jump up and down about. 

I really enjoy being 27… and though the number 30 kinda scares me, I really think I will enjoy my 30’s.  I just have a hard time figuring out what 27 and 30 is supposed to look like.  In a lot of ways I still feel as though I’m 17.  But I don’t want to become like those women who are obviously 30 or 40 and wear their teenage daughters clothes.  I make fun of these women, I definitely don’t want to become one of them.  But what is 27?  What does it look like.  Where exactly is my 27-year-old hem line supposed to hit?  Am I still aloud to wear my Chuck Taylors without socks?  Is it still ok skip?  Am I still aloud to say things like “whazzup” or “chillin”?  Is it obvious that I’m almost 30?  Does that wierd out 15 year olds?  How am I supposed to act around 15 year olds, cause Lord only knows I feel completely awkward around them.   This whole aging thing is so complicated.  Turning 21 I felt like I knew what 21 was supposed to look like.  I knew what a 21-year-old was supposed to act like… I had it down.  Now… at 27 I feel completely lost.

With all that said… I am excited about being out of school.  And maybe I will go find a secluded place where no one can make fun of me, and I’ll run around and sing “rama lama lama dippity dingy dong”.


About jellybeansundae

Im just a not so average 30-something experiencing life at a different angle.
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One Response to Schools out for Summer…

  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    I love what you wrote Danielle and believe it or not, at 48 I can relate. I don’t have a clue as to what a 48 year old should look like or act like. And I feel like I’m 17 yet feel like an alien around 17 year olds – don’t know how to figure that one out. What really is weird is whenever I look in the mirror there’s some middle aged grownup in there instead of me!!! Aaaaahhhhh…..

    Love the blog and look forward to your next entry!

    Love ya’,
    Aunt Lisa

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